Curiosity: A step towards further learning

So how does curiosity help us learn? The tilting of heads, creased foreheads and connecting eye brows are actions we sometimes do when we see or hear something we are unaware of. As we encounter and learn new things, our curiosity plays a big role in the learning process. As we observe, train of thoughts start to pop in our heads and we continue to ask questions hoping to get answers. We also engage in exploring and experimenting new things because we are eager to know and discover more. We can question or try things, whichever way that could help us satisfy our curiosity.


Because we are curious, we wonder and tend to explore so we ourselves could experience and learn. Ken Rowat makes that point: “Creative activity…can be judged…by the extent to which the individual is seriously engrossed in his activity…[People] never feel better than when they are totally engaged in exploration or construction…” This is when we ask “What happens if I do this” because we want to know the feeling or know what difference it could do to us. It is more like figuring it ourselves as we try to know the cause, the effect or why things are done in such a way rather than asking it from others.


We often question when we are curious with things not familiar with us. As what Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning”. This tells us that questioning is significant as it helps us learn in seeking answers. We are trying to figure out what the object of our interest is all about through asking such as “I wonder why…?”. We think in the form of questions and tend to ask ourselves first then others. We only learn from others by asking more and not by relying to everything that they say.


Curiosity is more like a hunger for knowledge. Just what the article Curiosity that I read says, “True curiosity is simply the eager to desire to learn and know”. Similar to what an innocent child possess, our fascination of certain things creates questions, ideas and passion to learn more. As we try to learn, we don’t limit it to what we only see and hear and we don’t get contented unless we try it ourselves. This is how we try to be aware and understand things that are new to our eyes and it’s our own way of learning as it is not being taught to us by others.


Therefore, through curiosity we are able to learn on our own way either by asking or exploring. It makes us more interested in things and motivates us to achieve for a better learning experience. Don’t be afraid to ask, you won’t learn if you don’t ask. You need to talk to yourself and others because in that way, you’ll be able to develop your curiosity and when your curiosity is developed, that’s when you start learning more. As an entrepreneur, being curious helps me come up with a lot of ideas that I could use in creating business concepts and innovation. Creative thinking is important for us entrepreneurs as it allows one to think uniquely which is needed in putting up a business especially in creating a niche market. We need to think outside the box for us to see a bigger and better picture. We need to live curious for there is still a lot to explore and things waiting to be discovered.



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