Made in Japan

 How did Japan turn from inferior to high quality producers? We all know that Japan produces innovative and high quality goods but behind their recent success and development of quality management are quality concepts that originated from the Americans. A lot of philosophies, ideas, and theories on quality management were presented by different American gurus in which were used as basis by the Japanese for further development of a better quality. 


The quality of leadership is important as the quality skills of each individual helps produce quality goods or services and customer satisfaction. According to Armand V. Feigenbaum, he defined quality control as “an effective system for coordinating the quality maintenance and quality improvement efforts of the various groups in an organization so as to enable production at the most economical levels which allow for full customer satisfaction.” If individuals are well-trained and their skills are developed, they will be able to perform well thus leading to quality goods and services and bringing satisfaction to customers.


As to what Dr. Joseph M. Juran had developed, “Good quality management requires quality actions to be planned out, improved and controlled”; “Juran believed quality is associated with customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the product, and emphasized the necessity for ongoing quality improvement through a succession of small improvement projects carried out throughout the organization.” You need to make plans to improve the quality. It could be setting some standards and testing what works that would make further quality improvements and such improvements need to be controlled to preserve good quality. Improvements are made step by step or little by little to somehow focus on the mistakes and areas that needs more development and to avoid conflicts. 


According to an article, W. Edwards Deming taught Japanese engineers and top management statistical methods and how to view production as a system that included suppliers and consumers. Using those methods, previous product failures and technical problems became the basis of improving and in making their next creations through some certain calculations. Japanese manufacturers applied Deming’s measurement techniques to production and operations, and by the middle of the twentieth century, Japan had become a leading economic power on the world stage. 


Therefore, Japan’s way of thinking and discipline towards their workers brought a big impact in developing the American based concepts and theories. Taking care of their workers through proper training and removing barriers between individuals starting from the top management has brought them to being high quality producers. Good quality workers results to more profit as they are able to perform well and meet levels of overall quality and bringing customer satisfaction. Entrepreneurs should learn from this and apply such techniques. Working in unity and with discipline can help improve the relationship of groups and individuals in an organization thus, resulting to a more productive and quality work. It’s not always about profit and you must also learn that even your worker’s opinions count. 



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