Save Mother Earth: Plastics vs. Papers

Go against your boundaries, know no limits.

Mother Earth is at its weakest and vulnerable point right now, most of us are aware of Global Warming. An issue which has been raised way back before massive developments all throughout the world has started. This issue has been completely ignored by people way back in the 60s because they’ve seen no negative effect of the progress to mother nature. But today, 2012, it is a different story. Devastating clouds have been circling around our airspace, re-occurring flash floods and earthquakes; these are not just a normal phenomenon in the history of mankind


Way back in 2009, Philippines experienced the most delusive typhoon in history wherein no Alert status has been raised, no warnings has been disseminated and no storm signals have been announced. But resilient Filipinos were caught off guard in one of the most chaotic typhoons that struck our country and unfortunately we never learn from that experience. Last…

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