Quality Control Basis

How is quality control being implemented to assure consumers’ satisfaction? According to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), “Quality control is a system of production methods which economically produces quality goods or services meeting the requirements of consumers…” There are some factors we must consider in quality control. Consumers are on the top of the list being the potential buyers of every product so we must know their requirements. As for the product, controlling quality standards and determining possible problems and defects could help create solutions and improve the product.

Having control over quality standards will help achieve good quality but not all the time as consumers taste change from time to time. As to what Dr. Deming emphasized in a seminar, “he spoke of a cycle of design, production, sales, and market research, which is to be followed by another cycle that begins with redesigning based on the experience obtained in the previous cycle.” Quality must be redesigned and improved continuously w the goal is to meet the customer’s requirements and not to meet the standards.

We need to know what the consumers will buy but not how Ford handled it. According to Management Today, “Ford was convinced that he knew what customers wanted. But Ford’s failure to offer customers variety was the flaw in his strategy.” Not because we know what our consumers will buy doesn’t mean we don’t need to know their requirements. Based from Juran, “he believed quality is associated with customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with product…” Customers want a lot of choices choosing the best quality they can get.

Anticipating potential defects and complaints is another big factor. Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa made many contributions to quality and one of these is the Ishikawa Diagram. According to an article I read, “The diagram systematically represents and analyses the real causes behind a problem or effect. It organizes the major and minor contributing causes leading to one effect or problem, defines the problem, and identifies possible and probable causes by narrowing down the possible ones.” This also helps determine the life span of a product and improve the next products produced.

Therefore, there are things we must keep in mind to be able to achieve quality control. As an entrepreneur, creating products come with proper process or procedures that meet certain standards to be able to produce quality goods and services. Our basis in creating products is mostly our customers because we must meet their needs, demands and requirements for them to buy our products and to be loyal to us. We must learn from Ford, Taylor and the American and Japanese gurus as they contributed a lot to the improvement of quality.


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