Hey there, 2015! Note to self: Keep your sh*t together

Note to self: Keep your sh*t together

2014 was kind of a rough year for me but despite the bad experiences and losts, I am still thankful for the lessons I learned, new people I met and friends I gained, new happy memories and goals that I have accomplished. It’s time to burn the bad memories and leave them behind.

Those messed up experiences slowed me and pulled me down that now I feel so lost and confused, trying to get up. I started over thinking and feared the future (I actually thought there was something wrong with me but oh well, it’s normal I guess). I wasn’t insecure, maybe a little intimidated but the world out there is so big and filled with people also finding their way up and struggling to live. I’ve been so sure of what I want but now I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where to go. Actually, I just don’t know what to choose. I just know I have got to start somewhere to get back on track and know that little by little, soon things will again start to fall into place. It’s so hard to be confused! Lol.

This year was full of ups and downs, from losing faith to getting my hopes high, yet I try to stay positive that things will be okay.Ā I do trust that God has a bigger and better plan for me so I am waiting and hoping for the best. Besides, He’s always there for me and never let me down. Now, I have another chance to make a brand new start. Gah. Enough with the drama. I’ll talk about my confusion later on ’cause it’s time to celebrate! Time to cut the bullsh*t and move on. My first and last blog for 2014. Hey there, 2015!


Happy New Year!!


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