Soul-Searching: From Feeling Negative to Being Positive


photo from Google

There’s nothing better than feeling sure of what you want to be in the future and staying on track in achieving your goals in life. But what if certain mishaps challenged you and you weren’t able to keep up and everything starts to slip out of your hand, falling apart little by little? You go back to the starting point and wonder where you went wrong or you may think maybe it wasn’t just really meant for you. You start to question and doubt yourself, leaving you confused and lost. So how do you really get out and move on from being messed up?

This is exactly what I feel now even though I knew from the very start what I wanted to do and to be. Well, I still know what I want to do but change was inevitable. Maybe bad experiences are affecting my decisions in life and/or I was used to some things that now I have to do and deal on my own. I want to start over again so I am figuring out what I really want and how I can achieve those goals. I should have never let anything affect me, instead, look at the bright side and DO SOMETHING.

I actually am loving the confusion I feel ’cause I know there’s a lot I wanna do in life though there’s so little time. That there’s so much good choices, you just want to make sure that your choice will have a great impact in your life and changes you to become better. These choices just show that you can do more things and excel. Be brave enough to do what your heart wants because there will always be a way. There may be limits to what we can do but hey, we all want that regret-free kind of life wherein we treasure every moment and be more than grateful of the experiences whether good or bad. Besides, we continuously learn especially from our mistakes. We’re gonna make a lot of them that will either shape you or break you.


Now it’s time to move on ’cause I will never be able to change the past. Besides, I learned so much that I won’t be able to be where I am now and know better. I have accepted it and now my focus is on my future. All of us wants to live the dream and I will start mine. Plus, I had to learn how to say no and know my priorities as there are things that you can enjoy doing later on in life. You just got to spend your time and money on something you won’t regret and be thankful for as you grow older. I started by listing all the things I want to do and how to attain it. This will actually help in organizing your thoughts and improve your decision-making skills in order to set your starting point and slowly achieve your goals step by step. It is actually helping me start over, dealing with my do’s and don’ts.

All I know is I want my sanity back. I will travel and go find myself and become who I want to become. I want to stop overthinking and just go with the flow; to be more responsible, independent and less anxious of the future. I feel that sooner things will start to fall back into place. The last chapter of my 2014 ended already so I am planning of how I can get it right this time. I was actually full of moxie as 2015 came ’cause I want this year the best effing year I’ll ever have. I’m just too tired to deal with nonsense dramas. Yes to a better year and a better me! ❤


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