Floral x Black


I was not in the mood to mix and match so I just grabbed this two-piece clothing I got from Bianca (http://facebook.com/glitzypink),Β which is one of my favorite online stores. I don’t really wear matching pieces but this one is a comfy pair and the material isn’t too thick for a hot weather. It can actually go from casual movie dates to night parties as long as you know how to accessorize. It gives a girly, sweetheart look with a little bit of a dark side but if it’s too floral for you, pair it with a plain black skirt.


Bianca (glitzypink)Β offers very affordable clothes inspired by different international brands such as Zara, Forever 21 and the like. I like how sassy and modish their clothing are, perfect for the fun and young ladies out there. They also have styles for those who are in the corporate world. I bought classic lace pieces and vibrant prints from them which was my first clothes of the year!

I love how they already know my style and would also get me unique clothes when they shop from their suppliers. Can’t say no to that! (And yes, I do compulsive hoarding of clothes, most of it are from their shop) I’m a forever spoiled girl! Do check them out and they also have an Instagram account: glitzypink16

❀ Nicole


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