35 Facts About Me

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As I was pondering before going to sleep, I thought of listing down the things I know about myself..

1. First of all, I am not Chinese. People always ask me if I am, well no.

2. I may not be a Chinese, But I am a business-minded person. Though I don’t have my own business right now, oh wait I kind of have one, but I have my own miracles and produce money. (NOT a monkey business)

3. I became a mom at an early age of 18 and now I have a beautiful daughter named Naomi. (Yes, daughter and not a sister) I believe I made my own bestfriend of a lifetime. Hahaha

4. I love reading books. Books, books, books. From fiction to business books.

5. I am a very shallow person. It’s so easy to please me and I laugh hard at anything. (Not that I’m on drugs, it’s a natural high! Yolo?)

6. I love eating. Who doesn’t?!?

7. NEVER mix food on my plate like when you’re in a buffet. Or make sure food doesn’t mix or touch each other on my plate. I eat it either one viand at a time or on different plates. (the last time chicken bones, which came from a diff person’s mouth, got mixed w my food and I cried. No joke. Hahaha)

8. I don’t eat Isaw. (And before, also sisig just because my dad told me they’re rat ears but Now I know it tastes good) I don’t really eat street food (Hindi ako maarte ah. I just got used to not eating one ESP ISAW)

9. With movies, I watch International ones than local ones. Local movies I’ve watched on the big screen? Hmm. Just 2.  (One More Chance not included but is an exception)

10. I hate horror movies. I get paranoid. I love chick flicks and action movies.

11. I’m good at memorization. (If I want to be. Hahaha) I use it to pass my exams. 😉 Oh mom don’t even ask about it.

12. I love being creative and I am a frustrated Interior Designer/ Fashion Designer. — anything that’s affiliated w design is love for me. Why didn’t I think about this during college?!?

13. I have deep thoughts. I overthink.

14. I am one of the boys. (I hate too much girly dramas)

15. The sun is my frenemy. I hide from the sun but I don’t like rainy seasons though I love cold weathers.

16. I’m an Introvert.

17. I get high.. Hyper when it’s full moon. No I don’t turn into a wolf. It’s a high tide thing? I. Don’t. Know.

18. People see me as a “good and innocent child” but! Before they even meet me. (I’m a crazy person)

19. Most of the time, I am lazy to put makeup on. I just put BB creams and lip balms.

20. I hate cockroaches, spiders and frogs. I love dogs (we have 2 dogs, oh 3 now)

21. I am a Shopaholic and a shoe-aholic (60 plus pairs and counting and not using all of it)

22. I randomly collect cute stuff even though I won’t or won’t be able to use it. (Notebooks are one)

23. I fall easily. Sweetness is my weakness. (But that includes sweet desserts and delicacies. Hehe)

24. I am clingy.

25. I keep things to myself. When I have problems or when I’m angry. It’s hard for me to open up.

26. I started to make a blog and it’s addictive. Never thought writing was fun.

27. I look like a snob but I am very nice and friendly. I don’t bite.

28. I love White, Black and Gold. (thinking of changing my wardrobe to have only these 3 colors.)

29. I love Caramel Frappe – my forever order at Starbucks

30. I still drink milk in the morning and before going to sleep. Calcium overload.

31. I don’t know how to cook. 😀

32. I love dancing. And parties.

33. I am very ticklish.

34. I love to travel and would love to travel more.

35. I am good at saving money and I invest. In stocks.


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