Cotton Everywhere

Cotton Balls

It was a busy day for me and this afternoon, I met a friend for a shoot for the shop as I have taken another opportunity for my business’ exposure. We chose UP Diliman or University of the Philippines to be the location and upon arriving there, it was raining cotton balls! Well perhaps because it was windy too. Everybody would stop and take photos and the setting looked like we were in Japan. My friend said “It looked like we’re in a Korean movie/series”. It would look like it’s starting to snow on the photos. It was so pretty Β that I wanted to share it though it’s not that clear on the photos here but it’s not something I see everyday. ❀


IMG_6340 Cotton Balls

Nicole ❀


4 thoughts on “Cotton Everywhere

    1. Yes sa next! Biglaan lang Γ§ause I needed some sample photos. πŸ™‚ It’s not yet finished tho. I’m still waiting for the email. You free on Friday?

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