John Phil Photography for Breonne Clothing

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Now that Breonne has joined Zalora (check my store here:, I have decided to invest more in the business and  improve the product presentation. To be honest, I thought of being a model before but hesitated and didn’t push it. Lol. So now that I made my own brand, why not model for it. I also invited my friend to model for me as I was still shy to do it.

So to make it look nicer and professional, I planned a photo shoot and I didn’t have any photographer and makeup artist yet at that time (Makeup Artist Amber Tan on my next blog!). I actually have a friend who is into photography but she wasn’t available at the dates I gave so I searched for other photographers. I will just have to set a photo shoot with her soon though. Good thing I came across this photographer, John Philip Santos, who I think followed my online clothing store before and I decided to inquire after seeing a few photos he took for his clients in his Instagram. I found out later on after the shoot that he was a batch mate of one of my best friends. What a small world!

John Philip is a freelance portrait and fashion photographer from Pasig,City and I asked him a little about how he started John Phil Photography:

“Before my interest in photography began I was more into doing photo manipulation using photoshop. Eventually it came to me on when I started shooting for the materials that I will be editing. My models when I was starting were not people instead I was shooting toys and bottles. It is because I do not want to burden someone to pose for me for too long as I try to learn how to do it. But the model who had really help me develop my skills is Michelle Manalang, who was my girlfriend that time. Whenever we go on dates I usually bring my camera and take a few shoots of her as we stroll. With enough confidence I asked my Princess, a friend of mine in college. If she would be interested to pose for me, she enthusiastically said yes. Our first concept was inspired by her Facebook post of a photo of a coffee, cigarette and a book. The idea was I will take shoots of her while she read, drink and smoke in a coffee shop. On that shoot is when John Phil Photography was born dated September 8 , 2012. As I continue doing photography I constantly try my best to improved myself by learning on my own through the internet, there are also times where I attend seminars. I didn’t just learned things about photography but also other related stuff that could help me became a better photographer like make-up, communication and posing.
Eventually the hobbyist evolves and became a freelancer. Also thanks to photography I was able to meet people, stars and go to different places where I have never been before. Now even though I am working full time under a company. I still continuously do photography on my free time whether it is for exdeal or clients”.

What I love about photography is its ability to not only tell stories but also help others to become happy and boost their self-esteem. “To bring the best realistic you” – JP

IMG_7112BTS for Breonne Clothing

I must say that I am satisfied and I love the photos! Actually got excited about it but most importantly I enjoyed the shoot! He actually helped me and guided me through out the shoot because I didn’t know what to do like what pose I need or even the angle I look good at. Haha! (Modelling is kinda tiring but I guess it’s one of the things I’ll give a try doing since I’m into creativity and fashion). For a photographer, you just don’t take photos, you need to make sure everything looks good in the pictures from the background to the model and for me he handled it professionally. He is equipped with a little knowledge about makeup and poses, also knows how to find a good backdrop to match the outfit – which is a good thing ’cause it benefited me as well. (And…I was stiff at first, you know. Hahaha can’t get over it!)

Here’s some more of the shots of my best friend by John:

IMG_3034-Edit IMG_3835-Edit IMG_4620-Edit

You can inquire and check his websites here:

Contact him thru his mobile:
John Phil Photography

Nicole ❤


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