A peek of the life of fashion designers and ateliers working together in the House of Dior for a new Haute Couture collection – along with the pressure of time.

Last week, my boss scheduled a movie date with all of his employees as this is his way of ‘team building’ and connecting with us. Something we can share with each other especially the values we gain and learn from the films. I love my boss’ perception of beauty, elegance and sophistication which he wants to apply to us. I couldn’t agree more ’cause seeing ladies in heels with confidence and posture can take her places and people will respect and bow down to her. There’s some sense of power and positivity you see in a woman who always carries herself well. Just like how the designs of the dresses were crafted by Raf Simons, Dior’s designer, the main character of the movie – full of passion and creativity inspired by the classic, puissant and elegant women of the world.

When Raf Simons was introduced to the team and welcomed to the House of Dior.

Moving on, the movie was DIOR AND I. I didn’t know about this movie but clearly it was something about Christian Dior, which is one of my favorite designers of course! (I am so happy to have inherited my mom’s Christian Dior heels LOL). Anyway, this isn’t necessarily meant for just the fashion designers per se but this helps us to see the fashion world in a different way where in a part of the fashion history is incorporated in the movie. It not only inspires us but also makes us appreciate that fashion in general is an art, from the creations to just simply styling and dressing up. It’s more than just being too girly and being too attached to the feminine side. Why do you think at times we all have a hard time picking clothes just like thinking of different designs that would work and would be appreciated?

My favorite dress from the collection and favorite interior for the fashion show venue. The flowers were gorgeous I  fell in love! (Photo from Google and Vogue)

The part where I got inspired was when he took time to visit museums to see paintings and artworks to get some inspiration from it and even integrated it with his designs. As what Raf said for a few times, “It’s Sublime”. See photos below:

dior_and_i_2 maxresdefault

Sometimes we need to see and experience things in order to gain more ideas and work better. For me, it’s an important part of innovation wherein you see changes in a positive way especially now that we are in a modern world but it’s better if we keep our old traditions as well.

Dior and I

High fashion has enthralled and beguiled me ever since I was small and I always go for a classic look no matter where I go. But of course like any other people, at times when I am moody I go for a laid back or super casual look too. In the office, our boss wants us to always wear heels as this helps in proper body posture and poise. Honestly, I want to enter the world of fashion but as a Stylist ’cause I have fun mix and matching clothes. Also, I started a clothing shop in which I want to improve more focusing on quality and classic designs. My heart will always belong to fashion and art. ❤

Click here for the full video of Dior’s Fashion Show:
Christian Dior Fashion Show

Who else enjoyed this movie before? 🙂




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