We’ve been hearing about this technology that they use in making accessories and even clothing details in the fashion industry. Now it can create a dress or clothing, in general, that mimics a fabric’s characteristics promoting comfortability and ease of movement as it follows the body’s shape and motion. So what’s making this buzz?3D PRINTING or the process of ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING.


          Kinematics Dress created by Nervous System, 3D Printed by Shapeways, Acquired by MoMa

Hinge Mechanism

Technology continuously grows and discovers many ways of creating objects even in the world of fashion and this new way of designing clothes and accessories got me intrigued. This so called Additive Manufacturing innovation is smart as it has created a larger and wearable product, more than just a prototype. First thing that comes to most of the people’s mind is ”Is it wearable?” since it was used to create mini prototypes of different projects and it is wearable. It only uses a 3D modeling software to produce designs where the 3D printer will pick up and read the file then use different layers of materials to create the object. This usually takes hours depending on how big the design is. Just like the black dress posted here that was designed by Nervous System and printed by Shapeways, it isn’t as stiff as you think but the dress hangs naturally and moves along with your body just like fabric also because of Hinge Mechanism. This style is one of the trends I see now and with its fabric look, from afar it looks just like a lace dress. And in fashion terms, I guess it’s a shift dress. 😉

Hinge Mechanism (Google images)


Kinematics Dress posted by Jessica Rosenkrantz on Twitter @nervous_jessica

Second question would be “Would be it pricey?”. Since it’s still in the starting stage, creating clothing through additive manufacturing (3D Printing), it is indeed costly. They have only started this project and still undergoing a lot of R&D’s to produce better and a wide variety of items through 3D printing. The dress shown here is still rare that it was acquired by and is in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

kinematics dress3

See video: Kinematics Dress by Nervous System

kinematics dress2

Shapeways, a New York based 3D printing service company, uses additive manufacturing and offers an opportunity for designers who wants to incorporate 3D printing into their designs. They can 3D print their designs through Shapeways and even the ones who are non-designers and those who are inexperienced in 3D modeling can submit a design. They also offer their Custom Maker tool, made for anyone where in you can design and create whatever you have in mind. I want to try this and make cellphone accessories! You can also sell your designs and products in their marketplace – perfect for those who want to start their business with 3D printing!

kinematics accessorySample accessories 3D printed by Shapeways.

kinematics accessory2

Images courtesy of Shapeways and Nervous System

This is only the first step and it will continue to grow and evolve and be able to use more materials in the future to create clothing and use materials like cotton and other standard clothing materials we see now. 3D printing has a lot to offer in the future especially when additive manufacturing encompasses many technologies including subsets like 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping (RP), Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM), layered manufacturing and additive fabrication.. We’ll never know maybe one day we can just print out a dress with the usual fabric used.

Check out and explore Shapeway’s website here: Shapeways
Read more about Additive Manufacturing on 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing


Stay classy,


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