OMBRE by Cre8


I wanted to do something new to my hair and coloring it light is one of the things I haven’t done. I was nervous ’cause I know my mom’s gonna kill me and I am not sure if it suits me but still I decided to try.


I decided to have my hair done at Cre8 Salon, Kamias Branch plus they have a promo so I had my Brazilian Keratin as well since my hair is so dry and dead!


Here I was Snapchating while getting my hair done. Haha!ย The staff were very nice and accommodating they even bought me food for lunch ’cause I can’t get out of the salon. I really watched them and how my hair was doing during the coloring and kept asking a lot of questions because I was worried and excited at the same time. It took around 3+ hours for my hair and the result? I LOVED IT.


Perfect timing for our photo shoot! You can see the Ombre more clearly in this photo. And yeah as expected, mom was like “OMG WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR” HAHAHA. Well, I love it though and it was worth it! Good job and thumbs up for this, Cre8!

Check their FB Page here:ย CRE8 SALON

Stay classy,


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