Capture Memories With Alpha A5000

Photo from Google/Yugatech

I’ve had my share of travels but I’ve always used my phone to take photos. The photos look okay but okay is not enough especially when I upload it on my blog. As seen on the photos below, I don’t get maximum quality photos with it. I just edited all of it so it at least gives out more structure and texture but it’s still different when taken with a good camera like Sony Alpha A5000 – yup I say it like it’s the standard. Nowadays, it’s easier to capture great pictures with the mirrorless revolution and sony has been my trusted brand when it comes to quality photos. So why Sony Alpha A5000?

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sample phone photos


Sony Alpha A5000 is light which makes it more convenient to bring with you everywhere you go. I still remember the DSLR era and all it brings is hassle due to it’s weight and bulkiness. It does produce good images but you want to move more freely when you’re on the road so just leave that to professional photographers. Speaking of convenience, with the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC, it allows you to control the camera through your phone via Sony’s Playmemories App. This actually makes it in line with the other competition. It also makes it user friendly as a series of modes, apps and tips are readily available for the less-experienced photographers and enthusiasts so they get the most out of the camera.

Autofocus modes that are available on the A5000 include multi-area, centre, selective single-point, tracking AF, face detection and continuous. The good thing is raw and JPEG image capture is possible with full-HD video recording.

Alpha A5000’s interchangeable lens lets you capture the perfect angle. Not only that, it has 3in, 460k-dot LCD screen that can be flipped 180 degrees to face forward. Alright, more selfies to come!

Photo from Google/Sony. Credits to the owner.


Now what most of us are having problems with is lighting. We move around, adjust the brightness and focus for like 10-15 seconds especially when it’s getting dark or at night because we are the ones who physically adjust to get a good lighting. But worry not as A5000 captures every detail in any type of lighting! “Thanks to the large 20.1 megapixel APS-C sensor size and Sony Exmor® APS HD CMOS technology, the camera achieves high resolution and DSLR quality images with no penalty in low-light sensitivity or sensor noise.” Great isn’t it? No more searching for the perfect light. LOL.


When it comes to quality, everything must be taken into consideration and this camera won’t fail you. With it’s improved processor – Bionz-X, I have read it has truer color rendering, area-specific noise reduction and faster burst mode shooting. In short, more awesome photos and videos! Sure worth my moolah.

View the full specs here: A5000 SPECS

Photo from Google/Sony. Photo credits to owner.

I always make sure I photograph my journey and travels to capture my whole experience from scenic views to the new food I try. I want to be able to share them with everyone and to be able to look back and remember those memories. That is why for me traveling requires a camera. We all want our photos to be as great as our travel experience and the Sony Alpha A5000 is the perfect buddy to bring with you. 🙂

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Stay classy,
Nicole Sapo

Capture Memories With Alpha A5000

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