A good start to rock this year. What to do when you feel lost.

It’s been two weeks since New year and I’m feeling better. As this year started, we gave ourselves a second chance to start over and feel motivated to be better than our past selves. I myself actually felt hope that I will be able to fix my life this year – job, relationships (maybe) and independence. But starting all over again, how do you really cope up and keep yourself together?
As I have mentioned in my other blog earlier, I was having anxiety. I’ve been waking up with a heavy heart as early as 3 or 5 am. Can’t tell if I’m getting used to waking up this early or it’s just really my anxiety opening my eyes back to reality. But despite that, I get up and do my thing. I’ve been full of hopes and dreams and my faith gets stronger by day but it gets hard when you hit rock bottom. I’ve been overthinking for the past year/s and I didn’t want to admit I was already having anxiety and depression. I love keeping and handling everything to myself and I only come out to my friends when I’m about to explode. As I was trying to figure out what triggered me to be this way, I remembered the worst day of my life and it was like an end-of-the-world experience. I am still trying to overcome it and trying to stay positive because one day that experience will be replaced by a much precious one. Thanks to some friends who understand and I really needed their support because I want my happy, enthusiastic and energetic, positive self back. I guess I also just got drained from toxic people from all kinds of relationships and from work and a whole lot more depressing events that shook me and pulled me down real hard.
What I regret was, I didn’t take my time to breathe and relax, to stop and think which way to go. I just kept going and going that I felt lost, feeling like I’m at the dead end.  But I’m trying to find the light since now that I’m at the bottom, I’m  ready to swim back up. I’m ready to get out of this pit.
So how did I start?

1. I wrote it all down.

I wrote how and what I felt. I still do it as it really helps me express my feelings especially that I’m not good at that with people. I usually do it here on my blog and practices my writing too!
I wrote my goals. Everything that I need to do to reach it. From here you’ll see how far you’ve gone, too. This includes even the long overdue government ID you needed to get or debts that need to be paid. Yeah I have debts, who doesn’t?? 
I wrote what needs to be changed or removed. Clothes, attitude, toxic people, name it!

2. Organize.

Me, I started with my room. That was 6 -7 boxes of junk and unnecessary things I was able to donate. More space in the room, more people were happy. Damn, it felt good. I also did garage sales for extra cash, burned photos and letters aka the ex-box and found a lot of missing things. lol

3. Catching up with my friends.

I promised this to myself that I would make time since I have friends that I haven’t seen for a year. And this month, I had the chance to see some of them already. I have a lot of groups and honestly they are for keeps. They have been my support system and has helped me survive life. I have a low-key relationship with them and I keep them in my heart. Love you guys!

4. Reading books and watching movies.

You can read and watch anything that interests you and it’s the feeling of being in a different world other than your own is what I’m after. Sometimes it’s where you get more ideas and inspiration to do things in life. Even open your eyes to realizations and and feelings. Also, it’s a good exercise for the brain.

5. Embraced Adult-ing.

All those responsibilities on your shoulder, embrace them. The real world, the adult life, it can be tough and very overwhelming and you’ll always be on the field battling and planning your every move. And that is the best part right? You get to mature, find out what you want to do and just know your purpose. I’m a single mom, still young and I’m surviving. Yet here I am learning and still discovering the secrets of the universe. I’ve grown, learned to manage my finances, still learning to do business, had a few jobs, investing time in important things and people and the next thing I need to learn is cook. Hahaha. If I’m surviving, you can too.


6. Relax and Unwind.

This is the most important part. If you don’t, you’ll go crazy. My favorite place for de-stressing is the beach. I’ve read in an article that the “blue space” helps you relax, feel lighter and better. More endorphins, more fun! Never forget to take a break because health is more important. You can also reward yourself for doing a great job.
At our age, 20s is the time to discover and experience a lot of things you’ll need to grow. You’ll feel pressure, confusion (a lot of that), mixed emotions, heartbreaks from relationships or career, rejections and a whole lot more but this will make you tougher or wiser, even.  It’s okay to feel down or demotivated at times. Shit happens a lot. Eventually it doesn’t get easier but instead you’ll get better. Never ever stop learning.
Stay classy,

Baler, Aurora


This was actually last November 2017 so this post is a little late. Also, this is my second visit for the same year (first was end of May 2017). But even so, I want to share with you guys my experience in this wonderful surfing haven. I’ve been into surfing ever since La Union and after this I have been thinking about Siargao to be the next on the list this year but we will see about that because I am so broke right now that I will have to work all year round. Lol.

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I’m good, just tired. How anxiety affects me.

Do you ever find yourself laughing and then the next minute you’re just staring blankly into space? It’s like your train of thought never stops and it travels everywhere. Floating mixed words and sentences trying to figure whether you should do this or do that. This situation has led me to be aware that this is more than just overthinking. It’s a product of anxiety.

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Tyler’s Cafe – Katipunan

There’s a lot of activities in my 2018 list and visiting new cafes and restaurants with my friends is one of them. Usually I go with Tina because we just agree on everything and besides, we are each other’s photographers. We love cafes because we love to work, catch up and eat together so it’s where we are most productive most of the time. We found this pretty cafe in Katipunan and visited it yesterday and this is going to be the first new cafe I tried this year. It will really catch your eye even when you’re just passing by and here are the exterior and interior photos of Tyler’s. You be the judge!


They have a parking space or garage and that is a plus since it’s been annoying and a hassle to see cars parked everywhere on the side of the street.

IMG_20180109_133426IMG_20180109_141220 (1)IMG_20180109_133030IMG-4b47e59a6d75979dcc256bb4c9979e9a-VIMG20180109105740IMG20180109110319IMG20180109110400IMG20180109110601IMG20180109131132IMG20180109111252

Here is what I ordered, the Benedict which is with Garlic rice, House cured bacon, Poached egg and Hollandaise. It actually comes with Rye Bread but I was craving for garlic rice. It was so good and heavy for me since I don’t get to finish meals like this. I also ordered Sweet and Creamy coffee which reminds of the Vietnamese coffee I tried in Australia. Well, Vietnamese coffee usually is sweet and creamy and this one taste the same. You can go healthy with their fresh juices as well!


The only problem we had was the wifi. Hahahaha. Well maybe it was just that day. Their food and coffee are a must try guys plus you will enjoy the ambiance if you are looking forward to working or studying here. It’s chill but you’ll be productive for sure. My verdict? 5/5. I’ll be back, Tyler.

You can check out the menu in the photos for your reference. Hope this helps too!

Stay classy,

LaUnion 2016

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

This trip is my most unplanned so far. We were just talking about it and that day we checked the schedule for our transportation then went the next day. It was only an overnight thing and I wished we could have stayed for at least 3 days. Being such a short trip, we were able to do a lot of things and I learned how to surf for the first time. We get to hang out with new friends and were able to go hiking and visit Tangadan Falls as well. Another first before this year ends! I am already looking forward to going back in this place. I didn’t take much photos but we did a vlog for you guys to watch if ever you are planning to visit La Union to surf and do other activities! The link is at the end of this blog via Youtube and it’s also on my Home Page at the bottom for easy access of the video. Details of our trip are also at the bottom. Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂

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