google images Strategy indeed is important to every organization and you don’t just create it, you plan it to run your organization in a straight line. You think, research, study and plan your strategy or in short, you strategize. Strategy is viewed in different perspectives and used in different manners. We need to know the … Continue reading STRATEGIZING


Background Check

You need to analyze and scan the environment of your organization to be able to create a basis for your strategy. With this, you’ll be able to determine the effects of the external forces to your organization and be able to adapt to its changes and survive. This is important for it gives you an … Continue reading Background Check

Constant Thinking for Constant Improvement

To compete in business, you have to think of ways to be unique and being unique means you stand out from your competitors. It requires continuous thinking for constant improvement and organizing your plans to enhance your strategies for the present and develop and update your strategies for the future. Your strategies are based not … Continue reading Constant Thinking for Constant Improvement

Quality Control Basis

How is quality control being implemented to assure consumers’ satisfaction? According to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), “Quality control is a system of production methods which economically produces quality goods or services meeting the requirements of consumers...” There are some factors we must consider in quality control. Consumers are on the top of the list being … Continue reading Quality Control Basis