Styling: Slip Dress + Jumpshort


Since slip/jumper dresses are a thing today, I decided to share how I style them the casual chic way: Choker: Lilith PH Cami Dress: Hanyanza Offshoulder Top: Go and Shop PH Heels: Zalora Slip Dress: Kaye Vintage Top: Oh K! White Sneakers: Zalora Accessories: Serafina Store PH Top: Shop 3Fifty Jumpshorts: Kulasa 99 Sling Bag: … Continue reading Styling: Slip Dress + Jumpshort




Me before with mi familia I wanted to share this progress after 8 weeks of work out. Being a mom, it was hard to keep in shape for me especially that I have a bit of excess skin and stretchmarks which I call my zebra marks - also the reason why I always wear high … Continue reading WHITE OUT