Styling: Slip Dress + Jumpshort


Since slip/jumper dresses are a thing today, I decided to share how I style them the casual chic way: Choker: Lilith PH Cami Dress: Hanyanza Offshoulder Top: Go and Shop PH Heels: Zalora Slip Dress: Kaye Vintage Top: Oh K! White Sneakers: Zalora Accessories: Serafina Store PH Top: Shop 3Fifty Jumpshorts: Kulasa 99 Sling Bag: … Continue reading Styling: Slip Dress + Jumpshort


Marikina Food Hop: Milieu


Moving on from the unique Filipino dishes we had, I got so excited to have finally landed on the streets of Lilac where Milieu, our second stop, is located. The interiors of Milieu is industrial and very simple which gives it a manly vibe. It actually reminds me of sports bars where I can imagine … Continue reading Marikina Food Hop: Milieu