Styling: Slip Dress + Jumpshort


Since slip/jumper dresses are a thing today, I decided to share how I style them the casual chic way: Choker: Lilith PH Cami Dress: Hanyanza Offshoulder Top: Go and Shop PH Heels: Zalora Slip Dress: Kaye Vintage Top: Oh K! White Sneakers: Zalora Accessories: Serafina Store PH Top: Shop 3Fifty Jumpshorts: Kulasa 99 Sling Bag: … Continue reading Styling: Slip Dress + Jumpshort



Top from Shop style hub, Skirt from Breonne Clothing, Shoes from Twinky Minimalist style with plain colors and prints. My photos pretty much show the colors I love wearing but this is actually a big change since I loved wearing loud and colorful outfits before. We all have our ewww moments when we see old photos of us. lol I'll post some … Continue reading MINIMALIST



At the entrance. Feeling lucky to have been invited to Blogger Babes Asia Launch by Clozette along with other aspiring bloggers and  learning tips and advises from top bloggers in the industry, the special guests,  namely Heidi Nazarudin, Verniece Enciso, Vern Enciso, Dana Decena and Cristina Decena. A lot of female bloggers joined in even the … Continue reading CLOZETTE SUMMIT: BLOGGER BABES ASIA LAUNCH