I attended the event "BDJ: Woman With Vision" last Saturday, February 20, 2016. I know I am blogging a little late as I got busy in the shop. The event was hosted by Lia Cruz, a TV5 Anchor and sportscaster. She is prettier in person. The speakers were Omehra Sigahne - life coach and founder … Continue reading WOMAN WITH VISION by BDJ



Quarter life crisis is like getting lost in the woods and losing your way back. You want to try different paths but are afraid to where it may lead. You don't want to risk because you also dislike the idea of failing and starting all over again. While time isn't giving you enough of himself, … Continue reading SURVIVING MY 20s

Started Young: A Single Mom’s Dilemma

It's never an option, it was not planned, it just happens. Solo parents didn't expect and mean to be a 'single parent', watching and growing kids on their own, living without a spouse, balancing their time for work and family, sacrificing things they want to do and dealing with (sometimes) a complicated love life.Β They have … Continue reading Started Young: A Single Mom’s Dilemma

The Process of Self-Discovery and Resiliency

Tangled indeed are my thoughts and emotions, not to mention the pressure of seeing time pass by so fast that everything blurs and the next thing you'd feel, you're running out of time. But I actually think I still manage to keep my..self together. ♦ My thoughts are as messy as the dossier of college projects … Continue reading The Process of Self-Discovery and Resiliency