Started Young: A Single Mom’s Dilemma


It’s never an option, it was not planned, it just happens. Solo parents didn’t expect and mean to be a ‘single parent’, watching and growing kids on their own, living without a spouse, balancing their time for work and family, sacrificing things they want to do and dealing with (sometimes) a complicated love life. They have bigger responsibilities, filling in the absence of the other parent and acting as a mother at the same time a father. Even the separation with the partner is a tough decision but for me, if it ‘s not working anymore, your relationship will affect the people surrounding you especially your children. Yes, thinking about the sake of your children is the first thing BUT would it also help if they see their parents together but not in good terms being awkward and cold to each other. We wouldn’t want them to bring that as they grow up because we still want them to believe that having a happy and loving family can happen. Continue reading “Started Young: A Single Mom’s Dilemma”

The Heart Wants What it Wants

We always need to work hard for the things we want. There is something that makes us want it even more. The easy ones that come, not that it’s not challenging or what, is just something we don’t desire for. And I mean most of the time because for some reason we always choose complications. It’s the path we choose unintentionally. We don’t want those complications but fighting for the things we love makes it worth it. It makes us feel that we deserve it and most especially, gives us the happiness that our hearts long for.

Deep Thoughts of the Day: Maybe

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We push people away because of fear. Fear of getting hurt, being mistreated, disloyalty and unrequited feelings such as love. We try to hide but still it hurts us in different ways only we, ourselves can understand and the limit plus the pressure affects us in a way that our minds couldn’t handle. Overthinking it, driving us crazy. Torturing our minds of ‘what ifs’ and ‘what could have been’. ‘Maybe’ might be the word to describe it. It’s not as good as a yes but it’s better than a no. It can be a temporary answer to your questions but it could turn into a yes, an acceptance, depending upon how we respond. We try so hard to seek for a deeper meaning but what lies before our eyes we couldn’t see. We are blinded as we bombard our thoughts with doubts and truths are made unknown. It takes time for us to realize as this barrier called fear holds us back until it’s too late. But it’s never too late. Love demands to be felt as much as pain, within yourself and with others. Pain is just one of the ways how it gets through to you to let you know it is real. It is there. It is the reason. It doesn’t require you to be amenable but it wants you to be. We want no compunction and so we train our minds that everything happens for a reason. But it’s not coincidence for those reasons are our eye openers. To learn. To see better. For our own good. But before anything else, remember not to neglect the happy parts of being with only yourself. Learn to love your imperfections. Self-acceptance is as important as knowing who to value and who to trust the same way you value and trust yourself. Know that we are all vulnerable and fragile individuals taking a risk to find genuine happiness. You yourself know what you want and there’s a lot to learn and to discover that may lead you to what you’re looking for. Open up, speak your mind and jump in the pool of possibilities. ❤

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